Pohlman Custom Research Reports

Nearly all Pohlman research is performed at the request of one or more of our clients. Our work is normally carried out as focused research projects on topics of immediate concern to a particular company, although these projects are often expanded into topics of broad interest to the petroleum industry. These larger research projects are guided by sponsor groups made up of leading oil and gas companies as well as software developers and vendors.

Pohlman research is carried out through direct interviews with decision makers in the oil and gas companies to determine the issues and the approaches being taken by the industry at large and the vendors who provide solutions to these problems. Volumes are released periodically during the year, as research reaches pre-defined milestones. Once examined and approved by the study sponsors, research volumes are normally made available to other interested parties as volumes of The Pohlman Report series.

The results of Pohlman research projects have saved millions of dollars for sponsors and other clients in companies of all sizes, around the world.

Report topics can include focused, model-based evaluations of the software products available in the oil and gas industry, those produced by the major integrated systems vendors and by smaller companies alike. Based upon hands-on, comprehensive evaluations of the products by expert users, these volumes provide the final results normally expected from benchmark testing during a purchase evaluation. Perfect for objective comparison and screening of functionality and operating characteristics, these volumes provide an informed, objective third-party view of the major products available on the market today.

Designed to provide managers with a no-nonsense method for remaining current with contemporary products, Pohlman Research volumes also provide a value-added outside check for internal product evaluation and selection methodologies. Unbiased and technically detailed, these volumes can effectively reduce the time required to evaluate and select products while assisting in matching internal needs with the functionality and operational characteristics of vendor products.

Pohlman Client-Specific Research Reports

Special, Focused Research Volumes on Custom Topics may be ordered at any time. Volumes of this type are created only when ordered and are created to the specifications of a single company or sponsor group in order to ensure the latest and most significant information. These reports are essentially written summaries of special consulting projects designed and specified by the client. As such, they are company confidential to the client and are not made public without written consent of the client

Studies normally consist of a single volume, although nature, focus, and level of detail of the research on these topics defined by the client. For purchasers of such research volumes, subsequent update volume releases, if any, will be available at reduced cost..

Current Research Volumes

Reservoir Characterization and Simulation. An in-depth investigation of how reservoir analysis has changed in the oil and gas industry. Through interviews with decision makers in oil companies of all sizes around the world, this volume examines how oil companies are adapting infrastructure, personnel, software, and practices to make the derivation of an accurate and detailed reservoir model the central focus of all interpretation and analysis. Companies report current activities, problems and solutions, best practices, future planning, expectations, results, costs, and the actual realizations of different approaches. The volume also examines current software and how it has changed to support the expanded role of reservoir analysis and modeling throughout the life cycle of the field. For companies both large and small, this research volume provides valuable insights into how the leading companies are adapting the practices of reservoir analysis to provide superior results. $US4995.00

Microsoft® Windows NT® in Petroleum Computing©; and Windows NT® and Windows 2000® Revisited.© Two Volumes: These studies examine how oil and gas companies are using the Windows NT operating system, what they expect to achieve, and their plans for system purchase and replacement. It also examines software developers and their products, investigating development and transition plans, which products are now available under the NT operating system and plans for future development, and the current products available for the NT platform. The second volume focuses on actual applications, transition from Unix to NT, problems experienced, solutions to those problems, where NT is applicable and where it is not, and how Windows 2000 is addressing the complexities of enterprise computing and commercial server operations. $US3995.00 for both.

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Immersive Visualization Technologies - Collaborative Computing for the Next Century© A look at high-performance visualization techniques that allow the user to interact freely with data in three dimensions. This volume provides an overview of available products, their capabilities, their practicality, and their cost. It examines how visualization is being used to support collaboration between disciplines and details how companies are using these innovative products as tools for asset teams, allowing them to examine data in new ways, to resolve differences in interpretations or data, and to derive superior solutions that incorporate all available data, thereby reducing risk. $US2495.00

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Immersive Visualization Technologies - The Business Aspects© Building upon the first volume of research on Visualization, study examines the actual costs of implementing high performance, immersive visualization systems and the direct cost savings and benefits generated through the use of these facilities. Based upon data derived through interviews with oil and gas professionals who have been involved in the development, selection, installation, and use of immersive systems, this research details issues, problems, solutions, and best practices. The focus is upon the real issues, the experience of those who have installed and used these systems, and the real results they have obtained, quantified into dollar and time metrics. This volume is designed for those who are interested in or who are involved in designing, selecting, or using immersive visualization systems. It provides difficult to obtain real-world information that supports effective decision making and which can help to reduce the risk involved in this new technology. $US4995.00

Linux in Oil and Gas© Two Volumes: Examination of how the open source code operating system Linux is likely to be used in oil and gas computing (Volume One) and (Volume Two) the actual application of Linux as an alternative or successor to Unix and as a system for leveraging the current massive investment the industry has made in Unix products, both hardware and software. This research details what Linux is, its history, its roots in Unix, and how it is being developed. It goes deeper into how oil and gas companies and vendors alike are adopting Linux, why, what they hope to achieve, what their results have been to date, problems encountered, solutions, and best practices. Listings of Linux suppliers and resources, vendors and products for oil and gas which are now or will soon be available under Linux, and companies who are applying Linux. This study is an invaluable aid to anyone who is considering use of Linux either as a primary operating system or as a methodology for extending the life of existing Unix products. $US2995.00 for both volumes.

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Asset Teams and the Business of Petroleum©. Updated with new and expanded information for the year 2000, this study examines application of asset teams and the impact of smaller business units on petroleum computing. The volume examines how companies have implemented asset teams and to what effect. It details industry "Best Practices" and suggestions on how to effectively implement teams. It explores changes in decision structure, personnel, and business operations necessitated by adopting distributed methods, and it details the changes in technology that will be necessary to effectively support this new paradigm. $US2995.00

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The Geoscience Workstation Market Survey
Comprehensive research survey data, derived from direct interaction with decision makers in oil and gas companies of all sizes around the world. Published twice annually and supplemented with monthly updates, this research provides current and accurate statistics on market size, market make-up, distribution, technology areas of interest, current activities, buying trends, current expenditure planning, and other related data. Data is kept current, with new interviews being conducted throughout the year. This ensures the latest in up-to-date information on the latest industry trends.

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