Model-Based Technology Assessment© , also known as Technology Blueprinting©, is a consulting program based upon cooperation between an oil and gas company or division and Pohlman International to determine how technology is being used within the company and how it can be improved. The goals of any MBTA© project are straight forward:

1. Create a Technology Applications Profile©. Determine what computer hardware and software are installed, who uses which products for what portions of their day-to-day job, how data and information flow through the organization. This step:

Quantifies the value of your current system, Documents Bottom-Line Value
Measures team and system productivity
Visualizes data flow and team communications
Locate hidden savings potential
Identify high-reward, low-risk opportunities

2. Create a unique and personal Technology Roadmap©. This step compares your internal "Best Practices" to industry norms to determine what is being done well, what can be improved. The Technology Roadmap allows you to:

Objectively define your needs in a standard context
Compare existing Systems to business needs and directions
Clarify issues of product cost and performance
Establish clear communications with your users, managers, and executives
Eliminate costly duplication of products and capabilities
Simplify planning and evaluation

3. Design and implement the Technology Planning Matrix©, a comprehensive program to streamline your technology, matching your needs and operating parameters with the correct products, thereby maximizing your return on technology investment and enhancing the productivity of your system. The Technology Planning Matrix allows you to find more savings and productivity gains with:

1. Customized Function Checklist
Speeds your product selection process
Highlights the core functions of your computer products
Provides information to match industry "Best Practices" with your "Best Practices"
Reduce product testing costs

2. Benchmark Test Criteria
Use your script for evaluating products
Focus on your critical issues, such as integration and multidisciplinary team support
Remove bias from evaluations
Better test results and reports
Ensure the best product selections for your needs

3. Product Integration Plan
Ease product transition
Speed personnel training and productive acceptance
Improve technology contribution to profits
Save time, money, and personnel
Ensure competitive technology for any situation

Model Based Technology Assessment© is a quick and cost effective method for measuring the effectiveness and real costs of technology and for determining how your investment in technology can be made to yield greater returns. When implemented, even the first step of MBTA© can yield cost savings an order of magnitude greater than the full program cost.

Major vendors offer similar evaluation services, but their final results will always be based upon the fundamental objective of selling you more of their own software products and solutions. Pohlman International works for you. We do not develop products; we do not sell products; we represent no developer or manufacturer.

MBTA© from Pohlman International is the only program which is totally vendor neutral and which is focused solely on helping you to make money through the effective implementation of the technologies and products which are the best for you and the way your company does business. We assist you in isolating those improvements which will yield immediate cost savings and productivity enhancements. You get comprehensive and unbiased information on all of the available products and all of the alternatives, not just those which suit a particular vendor or product line. Assisting you in achieving your corporate objectives of finding oil and gas is our only goal..