AIM© is a consulting program tailored for software developers, hardware manufacturers, and product vendors which is designed to assist in establishing the necessary objective criteria to support creation of business plans, marketing plans, and product assessment for future development. Drawing upon our established research programs, marketing research, and other industry survey-based research, AIM© allows Pohlman International to work with vendors to establish:

Market Share
Total Market Available
Purchasing Trends
Competitive Analysis
Other Data vital to the development of accurate marketing plans and business plans

AIM© allows vendors to focus on emerging opportunities, to identify areas for improvement and for future product development. This program does not deal in industrial espionage, and data produced for any client under this program will be desensitized to prevent specific targeting of companies or individuals. Our goal is to help vendors to become profitable by understanding the overall market for their products, how the stand vis-a-vis their competitors, and what the industry as a whole is demanding from products in terms of functionality, operational characteristics, and development direction. In a highly competitive and cost-sensitive arena such as petroleum computing, AIM© is a cost-efficient method for creating effective business and marketing plans based upon hard, factual data derived from the clients themselves.