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Pohlman International, Inc.  is an independent consulting company specializing in petroleum computing and the application of technology in the petroleum industry.  Founded in 1987, Pohlman is headquartered in Reno, Nevada, using electronic technology to provide research and consulting services to  the oil and gas community around the world.  Pohlman serves oil and gas companies of all sizes, ranging from the largest multinationals and national oil companies to small independents, as well as offering market research and consulting to developers and vendors of petroleum computing products and services.

Pohlman International is dedicated to furthering the effective use of technology in the Exploration and Production sector of the oil and gas industry.  We specialize in technologies which support activities from the farthest upstream, such as satellite methods and data acquisition; through drilling, production, and development; to the near downstream, pipelines, facilities, command and control, and technology-oriented business applications.  This narrow focus allows Pohlman to provide accurate and detailed information on segments of the petroleum industry not covered by other major suppliers of information.  Quite simply, we can provide information that no one else in the industry can provide.

Pohlman information is gathered directly from the decision makers of the oil industry, executives, managers, supervisors, IT professionals, and end users.  Our survey techniques allow us to focus on the detail of product application, assessment, and deployment, while our proven de-sensitizing methods protect our information sources.  Through over twelve years of adherence to a strict code of ethics, we have established a cooperative network of sources throughout oil and gas companies of all sizes around the world.

Pohlman does not sell computer products of any kind, we do not represent or endorse any developer or vendor, we do not aid in product design or development, and we do not deal in confidential or proprietary information.  The Pohlman companies are end-user advocates.  Our mission is to supply timely, accurate, unbiased information on the products and services used in GEOSCIENCE computing, thereby establishing a “Level Playing Field” upon which products and services may be objectively compared and evaluated based solely upon their operating characteristics, functionality, and suitability to the task.

The staff of Pohlman International is made up of experienced oil industry professionals who have chosen to make computing a fundamental part of their job skills.  The professionals at Pohlman are familiar with what our clients do for a living, what their concerns and problems are, and how important the right tools can be when under the daily pressure of productively locating and producing hydrocarbons.  Company President, John Pohlman, has also been responsible for the design of several interactive computer workstation systems and has developed several of the interpretive techniques that are now commonplace on today’s systems.  Pohlman brings a unique perspective on how computers and related products can be used effectively to enhance productivity, reduce risk, and to produce substantial returns for each dollar invested.

This catalog contains a description of the products and services we offer.  We maintain a database containing information on more than 1500 companies and more than 5000 individual products and services in the petroleum computing sector.  Most of our work is custom-tailored consulting or research to match our client companies’ unique needs, but we also produce general research volumes on topics of immediate interest to the industry at large.  Please consider accessing our web site at for updated and current information and avail yourself of the many services we offer.

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