Mr. Pohlman, a geophysicist, is president of Pohlman International, Inc., analysts specializing in computer technology for the oil and gas industry with a focus on workstation applications. An experienced user and designer of GEOSCIENCE computer products, Mr. Pohlman authors and edits The Pohlman Report series of user-oriented research reports evaluating the application of computer technology in exploration and production. Pohlman International also tracks the companies which develop computer products and provide services to the petroleum industry. Their innovative PC-OIL database currently contains information on over 1500 companies and over 5000 individual products.

Pohlman International was incorporated in 1993 to consolidate the operations of the Pohlman group of companies around the world. The company history dates to the formation of the first of the Pohlman consulting groups, ExplorTech Computer Applications, in 1987. Mr. Pohlman has over twenty years of experience in exploration computer applications and in the early 90s was one of a very few individuals who had actually found oil with each of the major interactive workstation-based exploration computer systems then on the market.

Pohlman provides a range of research and consulting services designed to aid oil and gas companies in realizing the maximum return from their technology investments. An "end user advocate" and acknowledged industry expert on the application of computer technology in exploration and production, Mr. Pohlman is committed to providing accurate and unbiased technical information to support the application of new technologies in oil and gas.

Before forming his own company in 1987, Mr. Pohlman was involved in the following activities:

President, Manager of Product Development, and Manager of Client Support, Geosim, Inc., Houston, a PC-based geophysical modeling and mapping software company.

Manager of Geophysical Development for Scitex America Corp., directing the design and development of the Scitex interactive graphic seismic interpretation workstation.

Specialist in 3-D computer systems for Phillips Petroleum's Advanced 3-D Development Group, responsible for 3-D software design and development on IBM, CRAY, VAX, InterGraph, and workstations, developing and conducting training in seismic interpretation, computer mapping, and interactive modeling. Directed a cooperative project between Phillips and Intergraph to design and develop an interactive 3-D seismic interpretation system.

Mr. Pohlman has been responsible for the concept, design, and development of many innovative capabilities and enhancements to workstation technology which are now widely accepted throughout the industry. Some of these include the concept of iterative horizon flattening in 3-D as an interpretation tool, design and development of capabilities for the capture, projection, and interactive association of fault information in 3-space, the design of multi-attribute color displays for accurate peak and trough picking on isotime slices, development of non-orientational storage schema for 3-D seismic data, and many enhancements to user interface design.

Mr. Pohlman has also worked three years as a Research Scientist for the U.S.G.S. Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program, helping to develop automated hypocenter location technology for earthquake location and determination of earthquake source parameters.

Mr. Pohlman has published extensively in the fields of earthquake prediction research and exploration workstations. He has been a Distinguished Lecturer for the IHRDC Video Journal of Petroleum Technology on the subject of Exploration Workstations and for the IHRDC Video Library series on 3-D Seismic Interpretation Methodology and Interactive 3-D Interpretation Workstation Usage. He is coauthor of the textbook which accompanies this tape series.

Mr. Pohlman is also active in many professional organizations, as a lecturer, judge, and session organizer. He organized and conducted technical sessions for the Houston Geotech conferences in 1989, 1990, and 1991. He was co-convener of symposia on workstation applications at the SEG Conventions in 1991 and 1995. He has been an invited Keynote Speaker at numerous technical symposia such as the PETEX Convention in London, for Auspex Computers, Landmark Graphics, LSI, SGI, and Microsoft where he shared Keynote honors with Bill Gates.

Mr. Pohlman has presented numerous research papers and chaired several technical sessions for both the SEG and the AAPG at their national conventions. He has been a Technical Session Judge for both SEG and AAPG and has served as a judge for Hart Publication's Merit in Engineering Awards since their inception. He has also served on the Technical Standards Committee and the Computer Applications Committee of the SEG.

Mr. Pohlman is a member of the following professional organizations:

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

The AAPG Division of Environmental Geology (DEG) (Charter Member)

The American Geophysical Union (AGU)

The American Institute of Physics

The European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE)

The Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)

The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)


Mr. Pohlman holds a Masters degree in Geophysics from the University of Colorado, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology from the University of Hawaii, with post-grad studies in Mathematics, Geology, Chemistry, and Physics at Georgia State University.

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